Sandy E. White. Psy.D.
1501 Sulgrave Ave., Suite 308, Baltimore Maryland 21209
Individual Therapy
Facing a Major Life change?
Struggling to cope with feelings of sadness or worry?
Feeling unmotivated or stuck?
Dissatisfied with your current relationships?
Psychotherapy can help.  Also referred to as "therapy" or "counseling", psychotherapy is the process in which you meet with a therapist to discuss your concerns.  The goal of therapy is to obtain relief from your problems and achieve greater satisfaction from your life.
By talking confidentially with a trained listener, you can gain a greater understanding of your problems, your goals, and your solutions.  You also receive the support and guidance you need from your therapist to cope with negative events or negative emotions in your life.
As a cognitive-behavioral specialist, I can also help you achieve your goals, by helping you change your habits, by providing you with new skills to cope with your negative feelings, and by improving your capacity to tolerate stressful events in your life.
If you are still wondering whether therapy can help you, feel free to give me a call, 410-916-6777, to discuss your specific situation further.